Oportunidades em contabilidade e finanças no Rio de Janeiro

Nosso escritório no Rio de Janeiro recruta para uma grande variedade de posições em finanças e contabilidade. Somos especialistas em recrutamento de profissionais qualificados em todos os setores, de comércio a indústria. Veja abaixo as vagas mais recentes:

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Senior Management Accounting Analyst

Salary: BRL10,000 - BRL15,000 per month

Location: Rio de Janeiro

Date Posted: 14 de Maio de 2019

This is an excellent opportunity to join one of the World's largest oil and gas businesses as they establish their footprint in Brazil. Not only will you be joining one of the largest players in the market, but you will also be joining at a time when the market is about to boom. Thanks to recent changes in legislation and improvements in the economy, the oil and gas market in Brazil is expected to go through significant growth in the next 3 years.