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The four E’s of wellness during COVID-19

With the uncertainty of COVID-19, the disruption to usual routines, the need to work from home or self-isolating can have significant impacts on wellbeing and mental health.

A guide to rediscovering and upskilling yourself

Using your down time to upskill can take you to the next level on getting the career of your dreams. Download our e-guide to find out more.

How to succeed at working from home

Whether you’re a workaholic who can’t shut off, a daydreamer who can’t get switched on or perhaps you’re struggling to cope with isolation, our e-guide provides the advice you need to make a success of working from home.

5 ways to avoid distractions during your workday

If you find yourself getting easily distracted by colleagues, conversations, your desk environment or email alerts, check out our top five tips to help minimise these distractions and stay focused.

Embracing change in the workplace

As Covid-19 reached pandemic status, the world has been, in one sense, forced into the future of work. It’s a future where work is often location agnostic, and where the core focus is on outcomes to keep organisations moving forwards. It has never been more important for employees to embrace changes in their working environment.

Looking for a fulfilling job? Ask yourself these 6 key questions

Dreading another dull day in the office? If you’ve lost your passion for work, it could be time to make a break. Find a job you love by asking yourself these six essential questions.

Rediscovering your career: The first step in upskilling

If you have been in the workforce for some time, relooking at yourself and updating your career roadmap can help you reaffirm your professional direction, and decide on potential tweaks or pivots, as your life and career stages change.

Workaholic, Daydreamer, Recluse – which remote worker are you?

Although some people have settled comfortable in their working from home routines, others can not wait to go back to the office. New research from global recruiter Robert Walters has highlighted three types of personality types that have emerged from the extended period of remote working.

Is COVID-19 stalling your career?

Here we assess how COVID-19 may stall your career and what you can do to prepare for this – whether you're in threat of being laid off or feel stuck in a role you feel you shouldn't be in, we offer expert advice on how to avoid COVID-19 messing up your career plans.