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Working with your recruitment consultancy

Developing a close relationship with your recruitment consultant can be the difference between landing your dream role and not even being aware that it exists.

Will an MBA help your marketing career?

Senior marketers seeking board level positions or a transfer into more operational roles often look to MBA executive education programmes; but are these programmes really worth it? Find it here.

Why use a recruitment company

Recruitment consultancies are used by many individuals to assist them with finding a new job. Find out here why is it very convenient for your career.

When is time to make a move

If you are frustrated, bored or tired of working in the same role and are looking for more of a challenge, review the below top tips for career success.

What does 2019 hold in store for oil and gas professionals?

Hiring is set to resume in the Brazilian oil industry, with growth predicated in 2019. Sam Gallagher looks at the key employment and industry trends that will impact oil and gas professionals in 2019.

Transitioning from one job to another

One of the most exciting challenges in a professional’s career is starting a new job. Follow these steps to ensure the transition is as smooth as possible.

The role of an IP lawyer

IP is a highly specialized area of law but it is also an increasingly important one. Click here to find out more information about it.

The role of a treasury specialist

A treasury helps an organisation manage cash and increase profitability. Click here to learn more about this role.

The role of a sales director

As a sales director you will be responsible for all sales related issues. Here we find out more information about this role.