The role of a digital marketer

Over the last five years the rise in popularity of online marketing has resulted in the creation of a new marketing specialist, one who deals solely in the digital space.

In Brazil, where marketing teams are typically smaller and roles are often more generalist in nature, the role of the digital marketer is becoming increasingly popular as businesses recognise the value that a digital specialist can add to the marketing mix.
Like many marketing roles, digital marketers will often have a tertiary qualification in marketing or communications.

Digital marketing is not just about marketing online; it incorporates wireless media as well. A good digital marketer works seamlessly with the rest of the marketing team and ensures all online activity complements offline efforts.

To find out what exactly a digital marketer is responsible for and how a marketer can specialise in this area, consider the following:

Key responsibilities

Website Design and Development – a digital marketer may coordinate the design and functionality of a company website, working alongside web developers and web designers and coordinating the process.

  • Content Strategy – Along with the design and functionality of a company website, a digital marketer is also responsible for all website content and for creating and implementing the content strategy to ensure online objectives are met.
  • SEO and SEM – a digital marketer is responsible for ensuring that the website is easily found by the target audience. Optimising website structure and content for search engines (SEO) and/or the use of paid online advertising (SEM) are two ways a digital marketer helps to drive relevant traffic to their website.
  • E-Commerce – where appropriate, a digital marketer is responsible for converting website visits into online sales. This is often achieved by making the online shopping experience as easy as possible and by introducing special deals.
  • Social Networking – a digital marketer may also be responsible for managing the online presence and brand of a company. Social networking tools such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ allow businesses to engage with their consumers in real time and a digital marketer will often be responsible for this communication.


Like many marketing roles, digital marketers will often have a tertiary qualification in marketing or communications although they may also have qualifications in IT and specifically website development and design. For established marketers looking to specialise in the digital space, there are schools and universities that offer a digital marketing certificate course. As the digital landscape is evolving rapidly, digital marketers are expected to stay up to date with all new digital trends and technologies, always looking to see what can be implemented into the business.


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Digital marketing career prospects

Digital marketing covers a broad range of areas and there are a number of opportunities for digital marketers to progress in their career. This may include a particular digital channel or to develop into a more senior position such as digital marketing manager or director.

Demand for digital marketers is growing and marketing professionals who can offer digital expertise are becoming highly sought after.

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