The role of a brand manager


A Brand Manager is responsible for adapting a brand strategy for a company's target market.

As the 'brand guardian', brand managers maintain brand integrity across all company marketing initiatives and communications, and may manage a portfolio of products.
Brand managers have strong communication skills and need to maintain good relationships with colleagues and external contacts. 

What activities are part of the brand manager role?

  • Brand strategy, including the setting of style guides, brand guidelines, brand vision and value proposition for short as well as long term
  • Planning and execution of all communications and media actions on all channels, including online and social media
  • Assisting with product development, pricing and new product launches as well as developing new business opportunities
  • Creating and managing promotional collateral to establish and maintain product branding
  • Managing the budget for advertising and promotional items
  • Competitor and customer insights analysis
  • Analysis of sales forecasts and relevant financials and reporting on product sales

What qualifications are needed to become a brand manager?

Brand managers tend to be degree qualified with a relevant major and/or have several years' demonstrable marketing experience in a similar environment.

To achieve this position employers might expect you to have a degree in Business, Advertising and Marketing, Economics or Engineering from a first line school, be fluent in English and have a post-graduate qualification or MBA.

Brand managers have strong communication skills and need to maintain good relationships with colleagues and external contacts. They have a hands on attitude, and are analytical and ambitious. Possession of these qualities will assist you to obtain a brand manager position.

What key attributes do brand managers typically have?

Key personal attributes for a successful brand manager include:

  • Brand awareness - a clear understanding of brands and the marketing mix
  • Determination and perseverance
  • Relationship management skills
  • A strong focus on results
  • A high degree of business acumen

Salary expectations for brand managers

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Brand manager career prospects

Brand managers can progress to marketing manager or marketing director positions.

There is currently strong demand for brand managers, particularly those with FMCG experience. 

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