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The Latam Leadership Podcast is a three language series ​​in which we interview innovative people and decision making leaders from the region to share their stories, strategies they have implemented in their organizations and perspectives on how they created and developed high caliber teams.

We talk with leaders of startups, technology companies and billion-dollar companies to understand how they lead their organizations in this challenging region.

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The Latam Leadership Podcast E43: Interview with Simone Maehata - Customer Experience Manager at Accor

Simone talks about her career and international experiences that she has in her 18 years at Accor, comments on the impact of covid, or what to expect in a world after a pandemic and advises professionals who wants to start a career in CX.

The Latam Leadership Podcast E42: Interview with Gustavo Aleixo, IT Director CSU

He also speaks about the IT market, advises leaders who want to retain their best talents and tell four aspects of the most valued in a professional for this time.

Latam Leadership Podcast E41: Interview with Ana Lía Rojas, Socia Fundadora - EnerConnex

Ana Lía shares her beginnings in the energy industry, gives recommendations to professionals in the sector and shares about the main projects in the country.

The Latam Leadership Podcast E40: Interview with Claudia Nobrega, Regional Head of HR at GE Renewable Energy

Claudia comments on diversity in the industrial area, explains how companies can be more inclusive, and advises and encourages women who want to start a career in this area.

The Latam Leadership Podcast E37: Interview with Angelita Santos, Executive Director at ARXX

Angelita shares the main challenges faced since the beginning of her career and encourages and advises women who want to start a career in the industrial sector and do not know where to start.

The Latam Leadership Podcast E35 - Interview with Alejandro Paolini, MD - Mexico - Central America & the Caribbean at Siemens Healthineers

Alejandro Paolini, tells how he started his professional career, going through one of the big four that allowed him to have a greater perspective of where he wanted to direct his career.